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high quality color stone tile materials

1. The appearance is beautiful, the color is not easy to fade, the shape is beautiful and the three-dimensional sense is strong. After the paving, the building roof can have a smooth curve, a bumpy layered layer and a natural stone thick feeling, enhance the decorative effect of the roof, realize the roof and The harmony of walls, buildings and the environment.
2, various colors There are more than ten kinds of colors to choose from, which can fully realize the harmony between roof and wall, architecture and environment.
3, long life uses galvanized steel plate, water-based acrylic resin, natural stone and other high-quality materials and special processes, with strong resistance to water, heat, frost, light, corrosion, aging and other properties and long Service life.

4. Firmly and safely adopts unique waterproof and windproof design nailing installation technology. The fit between tile and tile is more tight, and the connection between tile and roof is stronger, making the roofing system highly resistant to heavy rain, heavy snow and strong wind. Ability.
5. Simple construction thickness and weight are only about 1/6 of ordinary cement and clay tiles. It is very light and easy to cut and bend. It also has matching node fittings, which makes installation easier, faster and easier. Buildings and buildings with steep slopes can also be easily constructed.
6. Economical cost The color stone surface of the color stone surface is easy to handle, and it can be constructed in the low temperature season. It saves transportation costs, reduces material consumption, improves construction efficiency and reduces construction cost.
7. Green and green materials use green materials to avoid pollution to people and the environment, and can be recycled and reused.

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