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White Color Foam Wallpaper 3D Brick Wall panels

 White Color 3D Brick PE/ EVA Foam Wallpaper 3D Brick Wall panels

Product Description

 3D foam wallpaper is used for wall decoration, with 3D sense and effect of relief. It is customizable and has different colors to choose from. We can use them to decorate our walls in different styles. Just stick them one by one on the wall, and then you can DIY your own home wall.



Sound insulation: 8mm PE foam can effectively isolate noise.
Anti-collision: Soft and flexible, with better anti-collision effect for children.
Easy to install: paste the sticker directly on the neat wall. Can DIY any shape and any color.
Easy to clean: non stick self adhesive. If you want to redecorate, just tear up the foam pad and start the new decoration.


Packaging & Shipping

Q:Does design have license issue?

A:No, all of our design can by sell in every country.

Q:What's your minimum order?

A:The minimum order quantity should be 1 meters. Please contact us to confirm before ordering.

Q:Delivery time?

A:The general delivery time is 25 to 30 days. We will deliver the goods as soon as possible to ensure the quality.

Q:Which mode of transportation would be better?


A: Generally speaking, we recommend that shipment by sea be cheap and safe. We also respect your views on other traffic.


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